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Every bit of my publishable fanfiction will eventually find its way here. Stories are organized by fandom and then go alphabetically. I will be checking and updating external links at least once a month, so if you find a broken one, I’d really appreciate it if you commented to let me know. Otherwise, brows away!

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Harry Potter Fanfiction

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Summary: Summary.
Content Notes: Rating, why. Characters. Wordcount and completion state.
Links: [Place] and [Place]

Cat and King

Summary: “Rita mine, dating old blood…I don’t like what the world’s coming to, but I like that.”
Content Notes: Adults only, for explicit sex. Rita Skeeter and an original male character feature prominently. 555 words, complete.
Links: [AO3] and [here]

La Danseuse

Summary: Harry is cut adrift after a disastrous breakup with Ginny and two years of frustrating wandering. When he meets Gabrielle Delacour, someone running from responsibility just as hard as he is, he is deeply intrigued, and cannot help hanging around…
Content Notes: Adults only, for explicit sex and some violence. Harry Potter and Gabrielle Delacour feature. Around 15,000 words, this is a former WIP that is no longer being worked on.
Links: [] and soon to be [here]

With A Start

Summary: The last thing Harry could remember was finishing his steak and kidney pie. He wakes up to find that his life has drastically changed to include wings, claws and the mostly animalistic mind of…a phoenix?
Content Notes: Teens only, for swearing and some violence. This is basically gen wingfic, sorry to say— written while I was still fascinated with poking at fannish tropes. Main characters are Harry Potter and Severus Snape. Around 21,000 words, this is a former WIP that is no longer being worked on.
Links: [] and soon to be [here]

Witch and Princess

Summary: Lily helps Petunia play at being royalty in the garden, despite the fact that they look nothing like it. Severus does not approve.
Content Notes: Rated everyone, it’s basically all mundane friendship- and popularity-related angst. Main character is biracial, AU Lily Evans, though there are generous helpings of Severus Snape and various Marauder-era players. Around 34,000 words, it is complete as of 1/10/11.
Links: [], [AO3] and now [here] as an ebook.

Miscallaneous Fanfiction

I Just Don’t Know

Fandom: The Riches (very very early on)
Summary: Didi wonders.
Links: [theriches_fx at LJ] and [AO3]
Content Notes: Teens only, for a bit of swearing. Spoilers for the first two episodes. ~200 words, complete.

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