Moving along

Since my last news post, I’ve done some work on the site theme, and posted one fic here, and a new chapter elsewhere. I’ve also put together a simple fanfic masterlist that I’ll be feeding for a while– I really hope to end up having every single thing I’ve posted on that list.

As for the other masterlist that also went up, I’m having mixed feelings about keeping that up here at my fanfic site instead of splitting it off to it’s own home. It feels weird smushing everything together and trying to organize the few fiction pieces I have out there in similar ways to how I’m organizing my fanfic. I’ll probably end up taking it down and only putting it up again once I’ve set up another WordPress install for just my original fic.

I recently edited the first two chapters of Witch and Princess to reflect a really interesting discussion I had with a reader a couple months back. And, due to a really good couple of days, I’ve finished the next chapter, and am just waiting for my first reader to take a look at it. So, all in all, progress 🙂

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