Fanfiction Masterlist

This is organized in alphabetical order. Assume that every fic here is for the Harry Potter fandom unless labelled otherwise. Series works are all lumped together under the same heading, and listed in recommended reading order. Ratings are according to AO3’s system because I’m lazy.

In short, that’s:

  • G for general audiences
  • T for teen and up
  • M for adult themes (porn, violence, etc) but no graphic descriptions, and
  • E for explicit and graphicly described adult themes.

I’ve included warnings for some, but not all of the fics, since it’s been a while since I’ve read a bunch of them. Happy reading!

Some shorthand I use in the masterlist

  • “Diamond / Blockhead” means Diamond and Blockhead’s romantic and/or sexual relationship is a focus in the fic
  • “Diamond & Blockhead” means Diamond and Blockhead’s platonic relationship is a focus in the fic

The Masterlist

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A Surreal Tale (series)

A Slytherin!Harry AU in which I indulged all my iddy yearnings for renamed!street-rat!Harry. The final story was sadly never completed, as I ran aground on that frequent bane of sorting!AU and canon divergence writers: keeping it all going past the first couple years. I had so much fun working on a lot of it, though, and I hope you have fun reading it too.

  1. A Surreal Tale
    • Summary: What happens to the Wizarding World when Bellatrix and others discover the news of her inability to bear magical children? An enraged Dark Lord falls, and a small boy becomes missing: Harry.
    • Content Notes: Rated M. Harry Potter, Bellatrix Lestrange and Severus Snape feature. Approx 170,000 words, complete.
    • Links:
  2. A Mistaken Fate
    • Summary: When a certain discovery sends shock waves throughout wizarding Britain, Antares becomes increasingly hemmed in by circumstances he does not understand, and driven to actions he will regret.
    • Content Notes: Rated M. Same character focus as previous fic. Approx 120,000 words, complete.
    • Links:
  3. Ostendi Anima
    • Summary: Poppy looks on as yet another option is scraped off Antares’ plate. One shot, set between AMF and AFY.
    • Content Notes: Rated G. Poppy Pomfrey, Harry Potter. 4000 words, complete.
    • Links:
  4. A Fractured Year
    • Summary: An impossible escape, unnoticed death and wildly successful Ministry raid are the unlikely ingredients for change in the wizarding world in Antares’ third year. He half doesn’t want to know where the changes will take him.
    • Content Notes: Rated M. Harry Potter, Bellatrix Lestrange, Severus Snape. Approx 26,000 words, abandoned.
    • Links:

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A Lily Growing Thorns

  • Summary: The strange thing between Lily and Evan starts as sex, but doesn’t end that way. It never ends at all.
  • Content Notes: Rated E, for explicit sex, violence, noncon and dubcon. Lily Potter, Evan Rosier and James Potter feature prominently. Around 65,000 words, complete; each chapter is currently being posted about once a week.
  • Links: AO3.

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Cat and King

  • Summary: “Rita mine, dating old blood… I don’t like what the world’s coming to, but I like that.”
  • Content Notes: Rated E, for explicit sex. Rita Skeeter and an original male character feature prominently. 555 words, complete.
  • Links: AO3.

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Chancy Is the Night

  • Summary: Many years after the second war, Neville has weathered several twists and turns in his life and of those in his world. It is on the brink of another that he finds himself in a strange place, with an even stranger companion. And not one that he would ever have chosen…
  • Content Notes: Rated E, mostly for explicit sex. Neville Longbottom / Male Canon Character. Dub-con, some bloodplay. Implied cross-gen pairing. Around 24,000 words, complete.
  • Links: Originally posted at hp_cliche. Also at AO3.

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Eating In

  • Summary: This is what Daphne is used to; hosting dinner, and comforting a friend.
  • Content Notes: Rated G. Fluffy, slightly angsty post-hogwarts fic. Daphne Greengrass & Blaise Zabini. Around 1300 words, complete.
  • Links: AO3

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I Just Don’t Know

  • Fandom: The Riches (very very early on)
  • Summary: Didi wonders.
  • Links: theriches_fx at LJ and AO3
  • Content Notes: Rated T, for a bit of swearing. Spoilers for the first two episodes. ~200 words, complete.

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La Danseuse

  • Summary: Harry is cut adrift after a disastrous breakup with Ginny and two years of frustrating wandering. When he meets Gabrielle Delacour, someone running from responsibility just as hard as he is, he is deeply intrigued, and cannot help hanging around…
  • Content Notes: E, for explicit sex and some violence. Harry Potter and Gabrielle Delacour feature. Around 15,000 words, this is a former WIP that is no longer being worked on.
  • Links:

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On Point

  • Summary: In which Hermione is a vampire, preying on powerful, wicked and debauched wizards, and– hey. Something’s wrong with that statement… right?
  • Content Notes: E, for explicit sex. Harry / Hermione. 5,000 words, complete.
  • Links: Originally posted at the Unkwnowable Room, this fic was migrated to AO3.

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The Accidental Gryffindor series

A small batch of Gryffindor!Severus stories set in the same universe, sorted chronologically. Originally inspired by the drabble that’s fifth in the series. Stories posted at AO3 (series link here), and at (individual links to each story below; note that the drabble is only available at AO3).

  1. Sorted Out of Order
    • Summary: An eternity passed before they finally called his name. Once he sat down, Severus kept as still as he could on the hard little stool, wishing he could delay what was coming somehow. He’d never thought of Gryffindor, for her.
    • Content Notes: Rated T. Severus and Lily get sorted into Gryffindor. 1000 words, complete.
    • Links: and AO3
  2. The Truce
    • Summary: By the third week of Severus’ first year as a Gryffindor, he’s used to Potter and Black; can’t stand them, but can’t stand up to them, either. When they raise the stakes, he realizes he has no option but to raise them right back.
    • Content Notes: Rated M. Features Snape, the Marauders, Lily and an OFC, all poking viciously at each other. 9,500 words, complete.
    • Links: and AO3
  3. Snap on the Train
    • Summary: There’s nothing like a good game for measuring a person. Interlude following The Truce.
    • Content Notes: Rated T. Same cast of characters. 800 words, complete.
    • Links: and AO3.
  4. Salts and Trolls
    • Summary: Peter asks a question. Interlude following Snap on the Train.
    • Content Notes: Rated G. For this one, it’s just Peter, Severus and James. 900 words, complete.
    • Links: and AO3.
  5. Three Dwindling Suns
    • Summary: “You’re going to live here?” James was all eyes, loud as always. Drabble written for Challenge 247: Snape, the Fifth Marauder at the snape_100 LJ comm.
    • Content Notes: Rated T. Severus, James and Sirius. 100 words, complete.
    • Links: AO3.

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The Tobias Snape Saga

So this was basically my first big fanfic. Severitus, way too many italics, Harry angsting over his Big Secret, it’s all here! Last story succumbed to a mix of its being a large sprawling AU and my having gotten way too interested in churning out more of the Surreal Tale ’verse. Should still be a fun, iddy read.

  1. Part the First
    • Summary: It’s sixth year, and Harry has somehow gotten over Sirius’ tragic death. The new problems that assail him now, however, are more mundane and mysterious. And the only person with any answers, is Professor Snape.
    • Content Notes: Rated T. Harry Potter & Severus Snape. Around 60,000 words, complete.
    • Links: and AO3
  2. Part the Second
    • Summary: What has really become of Harry? Why does Severus have an irritating urge to visit Snape Manor after his son’s macabre funeral? And what can Dumbledore be planning? Read to find out..
    • Content Notes: Rated M. Same characters as previous story. Around 60,000 words, complete.
    • Links:
  3. Part the Third
    • Summary: The arrival of Tobias Snape at Hogwarts causes a mindboggling amount of trouble, most of it for Tobias himself, who is not all that he seems. Third installment in the Tobias Snape Saga.
    • Content Notes: Rated M. Same characters as previous story. Around 50,000 words, abandoned.
    • Links:

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Witch and Princess

  • Summary: Lily helps Petunia play at being royalty in the garden, despite the fact that they look nothing like it. Severus does not approve.
  • Content Notes: Rated everyone, it’s basically all mundane friendship– and popularity-related angst. Main character is biracial, AU Lily Evans, though there are generous helpings of Severus Snape and various Marauder-era players. Around 34,000 words, it is complete as of 1/10/11.
  • Links: and AO3.

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With A Start

  • Summary: The last thing Harry could remember was finishing his steak and kidney pie. He wakes up to find that his life has drastically changed to include wings, claws and the mostly animalistic mind of…a phoenix?
  • Content Notes: Teens only, for swearing and some violence. This is basically gen wingfic, sorry to say– written while I was still fascinated with poking at fannish tropes. Main characters are Harry Potter and Severus Snape. Around 21,000 words, this is a former WIP that is no longer being worked on.
  • Links:

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