It occurs to me now that it might be a better idea to change this blog to use the simple, short, ID style of permalink, if only so I don’t bug out about having to title my updates properly. That said, the next chapter of Witch and princess is finally starting to come together — I found a better beginning, and a sort-of-middle, and will shortly be starting work on the end.

ETA if nothing seems massively wrong on the editing round? Just under a week. Of course, at this point I also expect the next chapter to kick my ass just as long and hard, but you never know.

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I’ve been banging my head against the walls I keep running into on chapter six of Witch and Princess for the last couple weeks. No dice as of yet– I’m stuck in the middle now, which is better than being stuck in the beginning, but not by much. Really don’t know how I’m going to finish out this one, but just wanted to note out here that I’m still working on it.

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W&P Chapter 5 up

After some days of churning out several different beginnings, I finally hit on one that just felt right. Not sure why the chapters keep getting longer (last one was about 5300 words, this one is about 5700 :P), but hey, I’m finishing them, right?

You can read the new chapter at the AO3 or The next one is taking a while to get started, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get my teeth into it this weekend.

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Witch and Princess updated…

…with Chapter 4: Sorted. You can read the new chapter at the AO3 or

Now to finish the next one. Which started out as filler, and has been changing every fricking day since then. *sigh*

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A brief delay

Chapter 4 of Witch and Princess ended up needing a drastic rewrite of the second half, and I also had a few really busy days last week where I didn’t work on it at all. It’s been beta read, and just needs a couple fixes, so should be going up tomorrow or as soon as the fixes are done.

The next two chapters are going to be another story. I’ve already drafted chapter 5, but it’s going to be so short that I kind of want to finish off chapter 6 first. And I’m not sure how long chapter 6 will end up being– with the way the story’s going, it might end up being more like a part than a chapter. I am really, really hoping to power through it this week, if only so I have a better idea of how much longer the whole story will be.

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Moving along

Since my last news post, I’ve done some work on the site theme, and posted one fic here, and a new chapter elsewhere. I’ve also put together a simple fanfic masterlist that I’ll be feeding for a while– I really hope to end up having every single thing I’ve posted on that list.

As for the other masterlist that also went up, I’m having mixed feelings about keeping that up here at my fanfic site instead of splitting it off to it’s own home. It feels weird smushing everything together and trying to organize the few fiction pieces I have out there in similar ways to how I’m organizing my fanfic. I’ll probably end up taking it down and only putting it up again once I’ve set up another WordPress install for just my original fic.

I recently edited the first two chapters of Witch and Princess to reflect a really interesting discussion I had with a reader a couple months back. And, due to a really good couple of days, I’ve finished the next chapter, and am just waiting for my first reader to take a look at it. So, all in all, progress 🙂

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A new start

I’ve had this website floating in the ether for ages, but have never really devoted time to making it into what I wanted. Which is to say, a one-stop shop for anyone interested in reading all my fiction, from the old, embarrassing Harry Potter fanfic to the one-shot fantasy and sci-fi snippets, to the new, hopefully not-so-embarrassing stuff I’m working on.

For now, I’m going to just do some resurfacing. Currently WordPress is up to date, and all I really need to do is get my act together vis-a-vis organization and theming. After that, links will go in from my and ArchiveOfOurOwn profiles, and I’ll see about filling up my woefully empty fiction category with stuff.

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Cat and King

Reposting this yet again.

Fic Title: Cat and King
Rating: Adult
Characters: Rita Skeeter, Original Male Character
Legnth: 555 words (exactly :D)
Summary: “Rita mine, dating old blood…I don’t like what the world’s coming to, but I like that.”

Continue reading

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